Saturday, August 28, 2010

Awwwwww yaaaaa.....

So I am a huge house fan lol and today is a repeat of an episode with House thinking it's an awesome idea to take insulin, wayyyy to go!

When he does this he imediatly passes out and starts to sez so everyone's screaming
" gluecogon, omg ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" So if some one thinks it's a great idea to take your insulin grab some glucogon for them and take that dumbass to the hospital lol. House you make my day good diabetes experiment!

So I know I promised diabetic socks but I'm away from a computor but next post will be!
Rock your Diabetes,


  1. was that one on today?? cause i saw it on but i didnt watch im really wishing i had, i dont forget about the diabetic sock :D

  2. awee crap i missed it, well this sucks

  3. that sucks because it was a good one lol

  4. ill look it up on and see if its there or whatever station its from

  5. Ya its a good idea to take insulin. I hope that you would write some more interesting and informative post for Diabetic Socks soon.

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