Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do I Really Have To Eat All Of That.....??

Well today has been woundeful the sun us out I'm mow tanish and it took 3 hours to now my lawn haha.

So diabetics have to eat all there food without choice, because we need our carbohydrates to stay alive. Today I lunch I had to eat 2 sandwhiches and a banana because my sugars were low it was wayyyyy to much food for me but I know a super tall guy named clayton who has to eat like 150 carbs or something crazy like that haha. So this will be short and sweet next time your mom says to eat your veggies tell her no mom I'm eating my carbs hahaha I bet that won't wwork out but at least you tried!!! Next topic will be diabetic SOCKS!!!!!! Haha alysa that's for you lmao
Rock your Diabetes,
Shania xoxo

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