Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's been awhile...

Sorry i've been busy yet again.
So yesterday I got to hang out with my dear frieneds from camp at the Sylvan Lake waterslides then had supper at Boston Pizza. We prob made the waitress want to quit her job, same with the waterslide people. Darn us for having so much fun!!
It was great to see my frieneds from diabetes camp because it's something irregular to have 6 diabetics in one room who in fact know eachother. So we got kicked off of the one waterslide for holding hands, also kicked out of the hot tub for being in there to long.

Had a shower party, got scolded by a fat chick and made the people at boston pizza annoyed. What a great day i've never laughed that hard in my life.

We had gluten free pizza and a ton of diet pepsi and that was the best, it may not seem like much but it's an amazing feeling to have people how know what your life is like around you and can relate.

So here are some pictures from the day:

Rock your Diabetes,                                                                     

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